Monday, August 04, 2008

Waiting Out Rain With You

My weekends are Wednesday-Thursday! Yeah! Lucky me!

I certainly hope you had a great civic holiday weekend, because I've been working the whole way through -- and additional miserly pittance aside, a long weekend is an awful time to be cooped up far away from everything cool that's going on everywhere else. So after I finish work tomorrow I'm booking it straight out of town, up to the Interlake where an ancestral wooden shack with no running water sits cheerfully dilapidated but scant seconds away from the beach.

Don't expect any blog updates for the next few days, is what I'm suggesting. But you can look forward to another small flurry of content when I get back; there are no shortage of topics for me to work on, and I've told myself that I'll cave in and write about that incomprehensible Greyhound beheading if it's still in the news when I get back. (And there isn't much chance that it won't be, is there? We're probably going to be hearing about this one straight through to winter.)

But that's for later in the week! Consider me on pause for the next couple of days while I recharge a bit; feel free to picture me as striking manly poses in the wilderness and then fighting bears with my bare hands, because that's infinitely more interesting than my real plan of reading Voltaire and drinking.

Cass McCombs - Pregnant Pause (Dropping the Writ, 2008)
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All is for the best! I'll see you in a few days.

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