Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Manitoba Links Weekly: Speculative Fanfiction for Unnamed Carrot Mascot (ManLinkWeek 24)

Yo, ManLinkWeek, we in there. It's another jam-packed week, but let's get the absolute most important business out of the way first:

[cnib.ca: CNIB Manitoba is pleased to introduce the newest member of our family!]
Remember a couple of years back when the town of Melita put up a giant banana statue, and then everybody had the chance to try and name the banana? Well, this year we all have the chance to name a carrot.

The carrot is significantly smaller -- mascot-sized rather than statue-sized -- and does not come with its own professional wrestling championship belt, but what it lacks in unexplained wrestling paraphernalia it makes up for in pure early-'90s pizzazz:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Manitoba Links Weekly: HC SVNT DRACONES, dot ca (ManLinkWeek 23)

ManLinkWeek was written before a live studio audience of two dogs staring at me.

The housesitting obligations I've taken on have delayed this post somewhat, but let's kick off this week's installment with a bit of investigation into recent technical misdirection:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Manitoba Links Weekly: Uneasy, Definitely Safe, and Like Budweiser But Worse (ManLinkWeek 22)

ManLinkWeek! ManLinkWeek! Party time! Excellent! wait this reference is twenty years old, what am I doing

[The LAngside Times: An uneasy neighbourhood]
This is important, and you should read it.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Manitoba Links Weekly: Slightly Delayed, But Still World-Class (ManLinkWeek 21)

Whoops, is it Wednesday? Ah, well. Offline matters must take precedence, sometimes, and such was the case yesterday. But no matter! Let us launch undeterred into ManLinkWeek:

[WinnipegREALTORS: "Dastardly outrage" — good doctor became scapegoat for failure of incorporation bill (via This Was Manitoba)]
Did You Know?: Winnipeg's incorporation as a city in 1873 was delayed when Dr. Curtis James Bird -- the Speaker of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly at the time, and coincidentally also the coroner who handled Winnipeg's very first murder -- struck down the incorporation act on a procedural technicality regarding a proposed amendment to tax collection. Winnipeggers responded by taking him from his home at night, covering him in tar, and thoroughly, savagely beating him. (The Manitoba Historical Society notes that "He never really recovered from the incident.")

Winnipeg, everybody!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Slurpees and Murder Record Club: Mother Nature Went on a Rampage, Filled Many a Heart with Fear

This is a feature that I haven't busted out in a while, so pardon me a moment while I brush the cobwebs off the ol' Slurpees and Murder Record Club: