Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time-Sensitive Information: Go Score Some Tunes

As I've mentioned previously, I'm a fully accredited and (at least temporarily) gainfully employed capital-L Librarian, and Librarians as a group have this indefatigable compulsion to spread information around. It's like, see this information? Have some of it. Sharing is caring!

(This is one of the many reasons why the profession as a whole gets uppity every time people open up the copyright laws for revision -- but then the Prime Minister killed every bill in the country and took off for a couple months, so I guess everyone gets a bit of a break on that one.)

Of course, it would be kind of pointless to throw information around without expecting anybody to want to catch it. But I'm reasonably certain that at least some of my readers might be interested in this knowledge, so take note:

The Winnipeg Folk Festival Store in the Exchange District is having a sale this week, ending on Saturday. I would have told you about it sooner, but I really only found out about it a day late myself by chancing to walk past it.

When I say 'sale', though, I mean sale. This isn't your lame-ass big box kind of promotion where they generously take five per cent off the regular price because they've already opened the box. Peep these:

Half-off remaining 2009 stock, excluding drink containers? CDs are ninety-nine cents? Used vinyl is ten for a buck? You have to understand, deals like this are essentially my catnip. So I've already purchased twenty CDs and thirty LPs from them, for a total retail price of twenty-three bucks plus tax, and I couldn't have been more pleased with myself. (This is a good time for another caveat, though: don't buy more at once than you can reasonably expect to carry. Especially if you're taking public transit.)

There's some good stuff out there -- and I'll probably be featuring a few of my newfound items on this blog at various intervals, as part of my Homecoming 2010 shenanigans -- so have a look-see, especially if you happen to already be passing through the area. Ten records for a dollar, son, come on. This isn't rocket science.

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