Friday, February 12, 2010

Tonight: Tape-Delayed Live Blogging (Because That's Funny)

What ho, gentle readers! Here's what's up.

There's been a whole lot going on in the city, and a lot of it is pretty funny -- not least of which is the delicious, delicious argument going on right now over the proposed police helicopter. (Premier Selinger turns out to have a spine, which I believe is the first we've seen of it so far in his reign. Good time for it to show up!)

But, of course, the big news of the day is that there are about to be Olympics afoot, and the Opening Ceremonies will be their usual big fun deal. I think it would be fun to liveblog them, but there's only one snag; I'll be out of the house until about 11:00 or so tonight.

Curses! Foiled again!

So, that being said, I'll just have to make do. The magic of PVRs means that I'll be able to start the thing from the beginning when I do eventually get home, so I'll be treating you all to a bit of an experiment: live-blogging a tape delay of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies! Yeah! This ought to be a hilarious disaster!

Sure, there are some limitations to be worked out; I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to timestamp the thing, and the nature of recording means that I'll be stuck with the one channel feed throughout. (I've set the recording to CTV, entirely because their show starts first.) And do I fast-forward through the commercials, or go for the authentic experience of tolerating and/or ignoring them in real-time?

Well, we'll just have to find out! I'll see you later, true believers!

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