Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Manitoba Links Weekly: I'm in Oak Lake Right Now, I Wrote This Post on Sunday (ManLinkWeek 18)

What can I say? I'm big on truth in advertising. Hopefully nothing too scandalous or improper has broken out locally between the time I'm writing this and the time you're reading it.

Let us partake in some ManLinkWeek:

[tedxmanitoba.com: TEDxManitoba February 9, 2012]
The big internet buzz last week was the second local TEDx event; you can watch the entire event via the embedded videos in the above link. Should you fancy some additional reading, Karenia Niedzwiecki and cherenkov have summaries and impressions of each speaker, Melissa Martin adds some post-show notes from her perspective as part of the Speaker's Committee, technical lead Brent Toderash offers an aftermath on the tech side, and you can dig through the hashtag archive on the newly-remodeled (how do I work this thing) Twitter for the event's short-form immediate reactions. So... you're covered, is what I'm getting at.

[Winnipeg... one great city (or so they tell me): Murder on 600 Simcoe St.]
There are a lot of different threads that you can follow from this post, with a distinct undercurrent of understandable frustration throughout. This piece would seem to suggest that the West End -- while still enjoyable, the author makes a point of clarifying -- is not an area currently well served by our local authorities.

[Uptown Magazine: Local Heroes: Uptown’s roundup of local CD reviews]
If you happen to be in the market for some new local music to check out, well, here are fifty-five album reviews. I'm sure you should be able to find something you might like.

[Kijiji Winnipeg: URGENT! Seeking parental figure for part-time nagging...]
"YOU: overbearing and horrid, a super-nag.
ME: irritated, guilt-ridden and suddenly eager to crack open a textbook or two.

This one is a little older than the other links, dating back to the end of January, but I... guess it's still unfilled? The requirements of the position, as you can plainly see in the link above, are rather stringent.

[West End Dumplings: The beauty of hoar frost !]
Eeeee-yep, it's been a weird winter. (Seems like all our winters are weird winters, lately; it's been hard to prescribe any sort of pattern to the last four or five of 'em.) Last week had a particularly pretty burst of hoar frost all over the place; you probably got to see it on the city trees, but here's what it looked like across our more far-flung lands.

[Winnipeg Sun: Liam top baby name in 'Toba (see also CJOB)]
I do my best to stay positive and remind myself that people make decisions for what they believe are good reasons, but, man, people sometimes, you know? Reading about baby names is an easy and reliable fast-track to exasperation with general society, so finding out that thirty-two newborns last year were saddled with "Heaven" spelled backwards -- "Heaven" spelled backwards -- I just, I mean, what is this. I don't even.

I will say this, though, It's fun to read down these lists of names and imagine what the reactions of some of these grandparents must have been. "You named him what? Easton? Like, hockey sticks Easton?"

[buflyer YouTube: Province of Manitoba Travelogue, 1940's (and Part 2)]
It is not much of a secret that I enjoy watching and listening to old provincial promotional material, and this... well, get a load of this. I want to quote it -- quote all of it -- but I don't want to spoil any of it for you, so just please put aside some time and bask in the majesty of this whole thing. Goodness but the postwar period was cheery, wasn't it just.

And that's our ManLinkWeek! I'll be back in town tomorrow afternoon, in time for Winnipeg Internet Pundits, and then hopefully -- I know I say this every time, but hopefully -- I'll find something to write about here outside of my now-regular Tuesday duties. Catch you next time!

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