Sunday, July 01, 2012

Up-to-the-Minute Breaking News: Ponemah, MB Canada Day Parade Adorable (56k Modems Beware)

Happy Canada Day to one and all!

I'd hoped to have a new installment of the Slurpees & Murder Record Club for the occasion today, but it'll have to wait; the record in question is still in the city, and I am... not.

In the meantime, then, I hope that a substitution will suffice -- so please find below, for your consideration, a gallery of pictures from the cute little community Canada Day parade in Ponemah earlier today.

Immediately following the adorable parade was a long line of drivers that apparently hadn't known about it beforehand, leaving them all stuck in a line for a while. So I stayed around in my chair while they passed and waved my tiny paper flag really vigorously at them whenever one of them looked over, a salutation that none of them seemed to enjoy nearly as much as I did. Hooray for Canada Day!

And, as a special bonus feature, here is a little set of pictures taken just above my door that I like to call "oh my god baby robins eeeeeeeeee":

ha ha ha awwwwww

As I'd said earlier -- Happy Canada Day, everyone! More content will arrive in a day or two, likely with more words and fewer pictures involved.

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Anonymous said...

So, it was just you and the woman in the lawn chair as audience, and the rest of the town was in the parade or driving behind it, then? What was the ratio of parade-watchers vs. parade participators? Cause I don't see any bystanders. (Also: those baby robins are adorable.)