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Manitoba Links Weekly: We've Hit Peak Summer, Imagine Being Able to Buy Poutine and Beer Simultaneously, and Hey I Bet the Guy Who Didn't Fully Read or Understand His Own Anti-Crime Bill Would Make a Really Great Judge (ManLinkWeek 44)

And welcome back! This is a Friday feature now, maybe? I don't even know any more. Summers, man! Summers are TOO BUSY, a point that I shall elaborate upon shortly. But first, preamble:

-- I have a column in this week's Uptown Magazine; I have a column in every week's Uptown Magazine, but not always with a central idea as fundamentally awesome as the one I'm pitching this week. So have a look!
-- I successfully defended my Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown championship against all comers last weekend, which is great, because it means I don't have to update that bio paragraph on the right again. (There's quite a bit of livestream footage from the weekend-long event, if you're into that sort of thing.)
-- My poor sad old laptop overheats so quickly now that it occasionally just gives up and dies with a loud popping noise, which is... slightly unnerving to experience, and has not sped my ever-glacial writing pace up any. So I'm increasingly in the market to finally pick up a new computer, and coincidentally -- after a long stretch of the game appearing to be PC-only -- SimCity 5 will be on the Mac after all. Hmm.
-- And, in more encouraging news -- I had the good fortune of being able to attend the beginning of the Joey Elliott Era live, last night, and he won. So, hey! That's pretty cool. (You've never seen a city so energized about its 2-and-5 football team as we are about ours.)
-- If, for some reason, you don't happen to follow the hashtag #banished on Twitter, you missed Mike McIntyre's coverage of quite the day in court earlier this week. I don't want to spoil it for you, just get in there and experience it for yourself. (Remember: start reading from the bottom.)
-- And speaking of Twitter, here are the details on a beer swag giveaway, so have at that too while you're at it. If you're on the Twitter, I mean. You Facebook types can ignore the whole thing and get back to your busy day of watching people you don't remember very well complain about how Facebook's changing.

(I'm nearing the point now where my preamble is a full post in itself, a rather convincing sign that I need to think about retooling this feature soon.)

All right! Get ready to stare at your calendar in befuddlement, because it's time for ManLinkWeek!

[ Facebook Events: Anola Little Music Festival - A family friendly event!]
[ Half Pints Brewing Co. Brewer's Blog: Mark August 18th, 2012 On Your Calendar! ]
[ The Harvest Sun Music Festival: 2012 Harvest Sun Music Festival Poster with Lineup ]
[ Lockport Dam Family Festival: Schedule ]
[ Oak Point Music Festival ]
[ rainbowtroutfestival Tumblr: Rainbow Trout Music Festival 2012]
[ The Stonewall Argus & Teulon Times: Tractor pull getting into gear ]
[ Winnipeg BBQ and Blues Festival ]
[ Metro Winnipeg: Winnipeg's Funk Boat sees 10 years of groove ]
[ Winnipeg's North End: Street Fest 2012 ]
Event scheduling around the city and around the province gets really, really crazy in the summer months. Just completely outright bonkers. Organizers generally avoid scheduling anything into the spring and fall (and winter is just right out for most stuff), plus there are also then certain summer highlight weekends that nobody wants to compete against ('sup Folk Fest), so a whole lot of different things end up crammed into a very small window of time.

Everything you see above is happening on the same day, which is incidentally also the concluding day for twenty-four Folklorama pavilions across Winnipeg, a city replete as well with concerts and hangouts and seasonal joys. Ladies and gentlemen, we have hit Peak Summer. And if you overhear anybody complaining that they're bored and it sucks here because there's nothing to do, please feel free to backhand them for me.

But all is not satisfaction and optimism in our fair town:

[ CTV Winnipeg: Business groups raise worries over impact of potential NHL lockout ]
Asimovian science fiction is generally based around taking one idea or concept and then drawing out the impact and ramifications it would have for an otherwise normal and unchanged world. So -- can you imagine if, after the entire death and rebirth mythology that we as a city went through these past couple decades, an extended NHL lockout killed the downtown all over again? Holy shit, that's a ready-made dystopia if ever there was one.

[ greg.g: Living Downtown ]
Anyway, despite what comments sections on news sites may indicate to the contrary, living downtown currently is not nearly as dystopic as you may be led to believe. So here's an honest primer on what it's like and what to expect if you've ever considered doing so.


[ Anybody Want A Peanut?: Are we paying our mayors enough? ]
This very question was the subject of some lively discussion on this week's Winnipeg Internet Pundits, a special Mayoral episode that I cannot recommend highly enough for your listening enjoyment because holy crap the Winnipeg Mayors quiz. That's a thing. That is a thing that someone did, and in this particular instance that someone just happens to have been us.

[ The Stonewall Argus & Teulon Times: New bookstore brings in readers ]
Aaaaaaand there goes my money if I'm anywhere near Stonewall. Augh, books! My one weakness! Well -- my main weakness. Well, okay, one of my main weaknesse--look never mind let's just keep going

"[W]e are being inundated with requests by our regular customers who have suggested that coffee and tea be served in the Postmaster's Office and/or rear Limestone Courtyard, time will tell[.]"

THEY HAVE A POSTMASTER'S OFFICE AND A LIMESTONE COURTYARD. This place is an infestation of friendly puppets away from being our nation's next great new children's show.

In less promising developments:

[ The Globe and Mail: Politicians should not be ruled out for judicial appointments: Justice Minister ]
[ CTV News Channel (Power Play with Don Martin): Get used to hearing 'Mr. Justice Vic Toews' ]
[ The Winnipeg RAG Review: Toews Judgeship a real possibility ]

And, finally:

[ Grant's Tomb (Brandon Sun): Hey, Brandon, beer me! ]
[ Brewtinerie: All you need to know about Brewtinerie ]
[ Brewtinerie: How to fund the Brewtinerie ]
oh shiiiiiiii-

I'll be brief and straightforward: this would be amazing, and it needs to happen, and as soon as they've developed and announced their co-operative funding model I intend to throw money at it. You should do the same! More on this as it develops.

Thank you for reading ManLinkWeek!

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