Thursday, July 04, 2013

Yes, It Was Adorable: Here are Photos of the 2013 Ponemah, MB Canada Day Parade and Celebrations (Warning: Image-Heavy)

Hello, everyone!

I'd hoped to have these pictures up for you a bit sooner -- like, closer to Canada Day, say -- but I've spent all July thus far waylaid by a rather gruesome summer cold, the kind that prevents a man from sleeping or functioning or doing much else save wishing for the sweet embrace of death. However! There've already been a few stray Google searches sniffin' around for them, and I'd hate to disappoint anybody, so please find enclosed a collection of photos from the 2013 Ponemah, Manitoba Canada Day Parade. (You can view the 2012 parade here, for comparative purposes.)

Pretty good crowd this year!



Any dog willing to wear a kerchief should be equipped with a kerchief at all times. This should be universal, and I think we as a civilization would all be a lot better off for it.

Honestly, I sort of suspect I could have put this picture up by itself and called it a day. Because, what more could you need, really?


Okay, let me stop and ask you something: are you ready for an azure-blue mid-to-late-'50s Mercury 100 panel truck?


If I owned one of these, I'd insist on being buried in it. Dig an extra-large plot, plop me in the back of the truck, and just back the whole thing into the grave. The tombstone would just be a colour picture of the vehicle and the word "NICE." superimposed on it.

Ha ha, aaaah, I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I plan on living forever. Moving on!

The parade's over, actually, this is just regular traffic from here on out.

The regular traffic took it in stride.

And that's the parade!

There were also, I should note, special post-Parade Canada Day festivities over by the railway station this year, so let's just walk over there--

--god it was a nice day--

Getting closer!

Hm, yes, a successful gathering, I'd suggest.

There were free canned drinks!

There was free watermelon!

There was free cake! Cake with red and white icing, I don't know what that was abou--oh, right, duh

And of course, face painting, for the kids.

Special shoutouts to the footbridge, more decorated than ever I've seen it:

And, most of all, shoutouts to THE BAND.

I don't know who they were, if they were a formal band or a loose amalgamation of locals or what, but they were playing old Stan Rogers songs and the like. It was nice! I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Happy belated Canada Day, everybody!

Coming up next on Slurpees and Murder, within the next day or two: LOCAL MASCOT SHENANIGANS. Until then, true believers!


@YWGger said...

I get it... there is hardly anyone watching the parade, because most everyone from the town is IN the parade.

Anyway, nice pics.

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