Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mercifully, The Workforce Beckons

Through the same placement agency that gave me my last job, I've been hooked up today with some new employment. It was quite the conversation with my contact at the agency when she phoned this afternoon; she was all like "wait you mean nobody's phoned you in like a month" and I was all "uh no actually they haven't" and she was all "oh man whoops" and -- anyway, I'm employed again! Whoo!

It'll be part-time, and it'll be extremely temporary (spanning an estimated thirteen working days), but I'll gladly take it. Point A, I need money -- I like to think this is a good motivation for finding work -- and, point B, after nearly a month of unemployment I am in severe need of some good reasons to get out of the house.

A stretch of several weeks off can do strange things to a man; by this point, my time is not exactly a precious commodity. Besides finding a job, my personal highlights for today were going out to Dairy Queen for a banana split, remembering how to play Leonard Cohen's "Ain't No Cure for Love" on the guitar, and then late in the evening catching a particularly good episode of Babar on television. Babar!

(Remind me some other time to dedicate a whole post to Babar, because god damn. Babar was a lot more enjoyable before I knew anything about the legacies of African colonialism; I'm so glad I studied history and political studies so that I can never be happy about anything ever again.)

(Also -- remind me some other time to learn how to play the Babar theme. Just to mess with people's heads when they can immediately recognize the tune but not immediately place it.)

And just to really hammer home how little I've been up to lately, the more of this guy you start seeing --

-- the more you know you really aren't accomplishing anything productive at all any more.

After one game, for reasons I still haven't figured out, I sat back and for the very first time beheld the colour scheme on this dude.

Between this guy and Babar, what is it with kings and green suits? Where in the world would technicolour vomit be considered a regal arrangement? How cocky is this guy that he can smirk while wearing that combination of colours? Are his bright plumage and shows of confidence intended to attract a mate? If so, are there inherent cultural misunderstandings because he is required to find a queen of a different colour?

Then, finally -- what would happen if I tried to draw him?

(The King of Freecell is a jerk, I have decided.)

I start work at the new job on Wednesday afternoon. That'll be good for me.

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