Monday, April 16, 2007

Son of the Rhetoricals and Hypotheticals

Of all the areas to take heavy water damage in Selkirk's flooding -- the boat museum?

If Belinda Stronach died tomorrow, what would her obituary recall as the defining accomplishment of her political career?

If Canada wins seventy medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics but gets fifth place in Men's Hockey, will popular opinion treat the Vancouver Games as a success or a failure?

If there is to be another Kurt Vonnegut, would he or she mind showing up any time soon?

Will a new character in fiction carry on for Kurt Vonnegut the same way that Kilgore Trout carried on for Theodore Sturgeon or Uncle Duke carried on for Hunter Thompson? If so, who would be the most likely candidate to write him?

Which of the following do you think Winnipeg is best known for across Canada: rampant street crime, the Esplanade Riel, or losing the Winnipeg Jets eleven years ago?

How badly off is a city that can barely afford to finance and maintain its parks?

Questions to contemplate!


Tyler said...

Concerning the Olympics, obviously a failure. How many times have you seen Canada win a ton of medals but lose Hockey result in a bad aura and the times where Canada kicked ass at everything including Hockey and the only thing everyone bothers to talk about is the Hockey?

tyler said...

I just realized that I answered a rhetorical question with a rhetorical question. Yay.