Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Manitoba Links Weekly: It Scares Us Too (ManLinkWeek 7)

If you'd happened to wonder, here is what Highway 8 looked like on our warmest November 24th in history:

Knowing full well that it's nine degrees out, but still having to try and outrace the sun before it drops at 4:30 PM? Weird feeling, man.

The sandbag walls along southwestern Lake Winnipeg appear to be undisturbed thus far, though, so you know what? I'll take it.

On to ManLinkWeek!

[Winnipeg Internet Pundits: Nov. 23: Crime Time]
Everyone in the studio agreed afterwards that this was among our best shows thus far, possibly the best; with three stellar guests and a full complement of timely crime topics, I'm sure you'll find this to be an insightful and informative hour's worth of content.

What else went on last week? Ah, yes:

[k*sara in real life: bloggers* round 2]
Damn, but I'm handsome. I totally threw off the height balance of the panel, though, which is my bad.

I'd meant to run this as its own post, and I probably still will once I can get a bit of downtime to do so, but many thanks to Kenton Larsen for having me back in to participate in a second(!) CreComm Blogger Roundtable alongside other fine local bloggers. This was the second time in as many sessions that an hour went by like absolutely nothing, and the students had so many excellent questions that there are probably still a lot left to answer, so remind me to get back to this and hopefully help the new generation of internet superstars do better than my dumb ass did for the first few years.

[The View from Seven: Reflections of a 94 percenter]
Did you vote in the School Trustee election this past Saturday? Ha ha ha ha, no you didn't, who are we kidding. Barely anybody did! So Kevin McDougald takes up the case to investigate the motivation, or lack thereof, and the compelling factors, or lack thereof, behind the continued plummet of voter participation.

[Policing, Politics and Public Policy: Winnipeg Police Crimestat Maps Offer a Distorted View of Crime]
oh for god's sakes, does this thing do anything right

[Brandon Sun: Big effing deal]
The dust having finally settled from the usual hullabaloo of Pat Martin being Pat Martin, Brandon Sun online coordinator and Absurd Intellectual webmaster Grant Hamilton provides the reader with this profanity postscript in a fine bit of Canadian media studies.

Just write "fuck", you guys, come on. The Canadian Press Stylebook says to just write "fuck". I assure you, we can handle it.

[New Media Manitoba: Job Board: Hiring a Market Access Officer]
"The official job we're hiring for is 'Market Access Officer' but that's just another way of saying 'partner extraordinaire,' which is another way of saying 'expert networker,' which is another way of saying 'business genius,' which is another way of saying please take the time to read through and distribute this job posting across your networks locally and abroad."

That... that clears it up. Thank you.

[RetroWinnipeg YouTube: Winnipeg - Contemporary Dancers commercial (1989)]




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