Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Manitoba Links Weekly: We'd Like to Wish You All the Best, From All of Us (ManLinkWeek 11)

Well, hello there! I trust that you all enjoyed a pleasant and comforting holiday season, one filled with tidings of good cheer and with goodwill to all men. Oh, me? Yeah, I was driving down Osborne on Christmas Eve and a guy sideswiped my car. So, y'know. Fun.

But, let us not dwell on that little bit of unpleasantness; let us instead reflect calmly upon the week and the season, with a suitably festive and relaxed ManLinkWeek.

[CoreJunkie YouTube: Minor Threat - Winnipeg '83]


Hey, y'know what cheers me up? The adorable little station break included at around 16:48 of that video. Ha ha ha, aww. So cute!

[Winnipeg Sun: Polo Park hit with pepper spray]
Anyway, yeah, this happened. Of course this happened.

The CBC coverage would later reveal a more comprehensive account of the story, in that two upstanding young gentlemen -- one wearing green and one wearing red, as if to give gang warfare that extra festive spin -- met in the hallway outside the Apple Store to settle their beef, and one guy only pepper-sprayed the entire south end of the mall because the other guy drew a knife on him. That makes the story a bit more... not 'heroic', exactly, but perhaps more justif... well, not really 'justifiable', either. How to phrase this? It makes the whole thing make more sense, is what I think I'm getting at.

A far cry from this, yes, perhaps, but nonetheless as classy as always around here.

(Meanwhile, in Regina)

[Christopher Leo: Shoppers Drug Mart in Osborne Village: Be careful what you wish for]
Neighbourhood diversity : the goose :: corporate profits : golden eggs.

Note in particular the concluding paragraph, which brings up the very real possibility that this decision from the Board of Adjustment can now be cited as precedent in any similar future applications. Any other major retailer wishing to build on two or three stores' worth of space can convincingly argue that they deserve the same opportunities the City has already granted to Shoppers; bring in another development or two like that one, and there, as they say, goes the neighbourhood.

The way things are developing around here -- pun unintended -- it may be time for us to all just go hide on Sherbrook and hope that the City never figures out where we went. Race you to the Standard!

[Anybody Want A Peanut?: Destroying brand new infrastructure: It's a Winnipeg Thing]
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha--yeah, that's us, all right. This sounds like something we'd do. The other levels of government told us we have to finish this project by a certain date or they'll yank its funding? Fine -- but they never said how long the finished project has to stay there! Ha ha! WE SURE SHOWED THEM.

[The Cranky Beer Blogger: Review: Lakeshore Creek Classic Lager]
I hope you're ready for a big surprise! (The surprise is that there is no surprise.)

[CBC Manitoba: Winnipeg Arena Queen portrait going on auction block]
You'd think that we as a city could find somewhere to hang this, but apparently you'd be wrong in that thought. I don't know how much it would cost us to acquire it -- nor is anyone willing to offer an estimate -- but would anybody really be terribly opposed to the City snapping it up and hanging it off some building downtown? Couldn't we weatherproof it, nail it to a wall, and just pretend it's one of the countless murals we have around town? How hard does it have to be, really, to find three hundred and seventy-five square feet? C'mon, son.

[RetroWinnipeg YouTube: Landau Lincoln Mercury Christmas jingle (1989) - REMIX]
Anyway, Happy Holidays! To get hyped for next Christmas, please feel free to loop this for the next three-hundred and sixty-three days. Or no, wait, three-hundred and sixty-four. Leap year. Right.

All the best to you and yours from ManLinkWeek! If you need me, I'll be on the phone with MPI.

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