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Manitoba Links Weekly: Slightly Delayed, But Still World-Class (ManLinkWeek 21)

Whoops, is it Wednesday? Ah, well. Offline matters must take precedence, sometimes, and such was the case yesterday. But no matter! Let us launch undeterred into ManLinkWeek:

[WinnipegREALTORS: "Dastardly outrage" — good doctor became scapegoat for failure of incorporation bill (via This Was Manitoba)]
Did You Know?: Winnipeg's incorporation as a city in 1873 was delayed when Dr. Curtis James Bird -- the Speaker of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly at the time, and coincidentally also the coroner who handled Winnipeg's very first murder -- struck down the incorporation act on a procedural technicality regarding a proposed amendment to tax collection. Winnipeggers responded by taking him from his home at night, covering him in tar, and thoroughly, savagely beating him. (The Manitoba Historical Society notes that "He never really recovered from the incident.")

Winnipeg, everybody!

I like buses. Perhaps you like buses as well! Here are a whole bunch of pictures of cross-province buses, arranged by decade with accompanying writeups for identification and historical details. Buses, man. Buses are awesome.

[The View from Seven: Who wants to be a Premier? Anyone? Anyone?]
The answers to the above questions are "Nobody", "No", and "No", respectively.

It's hard to believe that it's been five months already since the provincial election, but for five months now the second- and third-place parties have watched their permanent leadership positions go not only vacant but largely undiscussed and entirely uncoveted. Even under a governing New Democratic Party that will be almost fatally long in the tooth come next election, neither the Progressive Conservatives nor the Liberals have been -- how shall we put this -- swamped with star candidates rising to seize the opportunity.

The lure of politics is not a simple one, as this article explains: you have to be ready to ignore the entire concept of work-life balance, have to be ready for your marriage (if you have one) and/or personal life (if you have one) to dissolve around you, and have to be ready to -- if we're being honest about it -- accept that you're kind of a jerk for wanting to be in power to begin with.

But, on the other hand, just think of the wonderful party support and camraderie that you'll enjoy among your likeminded peers! You and I being political outsiders, we know not how optimistic and unified the ranks of these parties must feel during times like these.

[Regan Wolfrom: What the Fuck Is Wrong With You? Manitoba Liberals Edition]
Oh. Well, uh... oh.

The Case of the Obsequious Toad appears to have concluded with vociferous Manitoba Liberal dissenters Sandra Hoskins and Harry Wolbert being suspended from the party for ten months, a move that they both responded to by quitting the party. Three Manitoba Liberals have appeared in any sort of media coverage since the last provincial election, and two of those three (both of them also members of the Board of Directors) have now quit the party in a murky mixture of protest and disgrace.

On the bright side for the Liberals, they... they, uh... hmm. Well, there's probably a bright side somewhere. Anyway, moving on!

[THE DOWNTOWN DWELLER: Food court favourites]
Sometimes, in extenuating circumstances and through no fault of your own, you will find that you have to eat at a mall. That's unfortunate! But here are some prospective choices that might make the experience less unpleasant. What I particularly enjoy about this post is its backhanded compliment that Zellers diners -- those curious, usually uninhabited restaurants at the back of some Zellers stores -- offer you the chance "to escape from the consumer-packed mall atmosphere". That really kind of sums up the whole chain, these days, doesn't it? "Hey! Do you like shopping, but hate seeing other customers anywhere nearby? Come to Zellers!"

[weallbleedredd YouTube: Winnipeg Jets 5 on 1 Jailbreak vs Panthers March 1 2012]
I know that you've doubtlessly all seen this already, but I just want to include it for posterity because that's ridiculous. OKAY, FLYING W, LET'S GO

I got to go to the game against the Sabres on Monday, which would be what they call a "humble brag" if I had any humility to speak of, and my seat selection prowess (I figured, if I'm only going to get to go once, I may as well go big; it still cost me way less than, say, an Eagles ticket) put me within fifty feet of every goal scored that evening. And everybody chanted "SIL-VER ME-DAL" at Ryan Miller, and he probably hated all of us, and a good time was had by all. But no Flying Ws! Alas! Alas.

[Slurpees & Murder (Uptown Magazine): A world-class non-starter]
And, finally -- there are three and a half weeks remaining until our city's long-promised, long-envisioned world-class (World-class! World-class) waterpark is officially and unmistakably dead. Here is a column I wrote about it! I hope you enjoy it.

Well, that'll do it for this week's ever so slightly delayed episode of ManLinkWeek; before I go, allow me to helpfully remind you that Winnipeg Internet Pundits will be moving tonight to its new time slot of 5:30 to 6:30 PM. Oh, and next week's show will feature a great big revamp of the show's format! These are exciting times that we live in, so tune into 101.5 UMFM and find out what's what.

I have other exciting news potentially coming down the pipe, but I'm stone terrified of jinxing it, so I'll keep quiet about it in the meantime. And in the meantime, thank you for reading! The latest I'll be back in this space is next Tuesday, and I mean Tuesday for real this time, so unless you hear otherwise I'll see you then for another round of ManLinkWeek. Excelsior!

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Thanks for the mention in your post, James. Goes to show there's still a microscopic shimmer of hope amongst our greasy, tasteless food court options.