Sunday, December 02, 2012

UPTOWN Server Salvages: The Art of Nicholas Luchak


The companion piece to the previous post, this gallery contains all of the Nicholas Luchak artwork that I was fortunate enough to have alongside my UPTOWN columns from the end of April 2012 to the demise of the paper('s standalone format) just over a month ago.

These are pretty great, so be sure to take the time to admire each one properly. And if you see something in any of the images and think "that looks kind of like a penis", well, there's a reasonable chance that it is. (Think of it as a Son of Interflux touch, but with dicks instead of camels.) (Yes, I realize how badly I'm dating myself by saying that.)

As before, mousing over each item will give you the title and date, and clicking each will bring up a larger version. Fire when ready:

And then the paper died, and that was the end of that. Thank you for humouring an old man his nostalgia pieces.

This concludes our look back at the artwork of UPTOWN Magazine! You're barely going to believe what's coming up on the site next -- in truth, I'm having a hard time believing it myself, and I'm the one listening to it right now -- so be sure to tune in!

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Anonymous said...

I miss the old Uptown. That new thingy is crap.