Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm Working on a Super Neat Thing That I'm Keeping Secret for Now, But I Will Definitely Let You Know When It's All Set

The basics of this post are pretty well covered by the heading -- curse my devotion to accurate and descriptive titles! -- but I'll round it out a little for entertainment's sake.

Yes, as is usually the case when I vanish for any longish period of time, I am at present Up To Something -- capital-U capital-T capital-S, Up To Something -- and it would spoil the eventual surprise if I were to wax about it in detail right now.

Now, I can't guarantee you'll be as enthralled by the results as I've been so far; there is a chance, as there always is with my output, that you may find the end product strange or silly or unremarkable. But, man, I'm enjoying it! I am definitely enjoying myself in putting it together, which is usually a reasonably good sign, and I hope that you will enjoy it too upon its eventual release.

(Going forward, you may wonder at each eventual thing I produce: is this the thing he meant? Assume as your starting point, gentle reader, that it is not unless I note otherwise; rest assured that I will make a capital-V capital-B capital-T Very Big Thing of it when I tell you what it is.)

So there's your curiously non-specific progress update: I am working on a thing, and I am quite enjoying working on a thing, and eventually you too will be privy to the thing that I am working on.

Thank you for reading that! Thank you for indulging me. And just so's you don't feel that this post was a wasted click: here is an entirely unrelated but entirely delightful eight-minute compilation of Carl Carmoni footage, sure to brighten your day as surely and as swiftly as it always brightens mine.


Watch this space, true believers; I'll see you around soon!

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