Saturday, September 21, 2013

(Knock Knock) Housekeeping: Blog List Trades and Cuts for the 2013-2014 Season

Yes, I'm still a-workin' away in secrecy on the project mentioned in the previous post, and no, this post has nothing to do with it. (I know I'd already told you to not assume as such, but humour a brother his redundant additional disclaimers.) Just a wee bit of local-blog movin' and shakin', today, and the unfortunate but necessary business of pruning that which has gone dead.

Let's open with the trades, first, the big moves from one place to another. Beloved local blogger cherenkov of Anybody Want A Peanut? has officially moved operations and is now Derick of Around This Town, Vanessa Meads of the now-deleted Rose Coloured Beer Goggles has started up, and Patrick Oystryk of the former Stumbling (A)Bordeaux can be found at manitoba matsqui, Best of luck to everyone!

(And don't you worry, true believers -- I'll keep local longform alive by myself if I gotta. FIVE-THOUSAND-WORD POSTS ON OLD LOCAL THINGS ARE THE HILL I WILL DIE ON)

The blog roll to your immediate right, meantime, has become a bit unwieldy as late; in the name of paring down the roster, I made the decision to drop any blogs that haven't been updated since 2012. Bear in mind, it's September; nine months is a pretty generous window, and really, what better time than fall for spring cleaning? (...don't answer that. You get what I mean.)

Anyway, it ended up being kind of a long list after all that, but in fairness a lot of the folks involved are busy with non-blog ventures. (Which shall be indicated in parentheses, as applicable.) Please join me in wishing the best of future endeavours to:

Winnipeg Bus Stories
PolicyFrog (Colin Fast's Urban Compass columns with Metro Winnipeg can be found here)
KOAN SOLDIER (Josh Grummett's work with APTN can be found here) (alas, what could have been! Grant Hamilton's Grant's Tomb columns with the Brandon Sun can be found here)
A Day In The Hood (Rae and Ward now RV all across the continent, writing at Freedom at 51)
The FWD: North End Youth Newspaper BLOG
Simple Winnipeg Real Estate (now offline)
Urbiculous (Tessa Vanderhart's news stories with the Winnipeg Sun can be found here; see also Winnipeg Internet Pundits on 101.5 UMFM)
Arsenisms (Scott MacNeil has since migrated to Twitter; thanks again for the vinyl, Scott!)
The Land of Ice and Grain
and The LAngside Times.

Whoof! Quite the list. Nothing has to be permanent, of course; you know I love y'all, you're all welcome back if-slash-when you post something. Holler at me.

There, that's that accomplished; my, that looks cleaner. More room, too! So let me know in the comments below, readers dear, if I'm missing a local blog that you've been really enjoying as late. (Especially since September, as always, means another new draft class of CreCommers; give 'em a look-see, find some new favourites! Ahh, I love September.) Until next time -- good luck and good reading!

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Sean said...

Glad to hear you are still carrying the (blogging) torch.

It's insane to think that these days even 500 words is starting to be considered long form. I weep for the future.