Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rhetoricals and Hypotheticals are Grand Fun

If "Manitoba Means Business" and we're "Making Manitoba a HAVE Province", why can't we have nice things like NHL teams and Boeing contracts?

If Manitoba lost the C-17 contract to Quebec on the same day that Quebec City lost the 2008 Men's World Hockey Championship to Winnipeg, what would more people be talking about the next day?

If the 1995 referendum had been phrased to include three possible answers rather than two, would Quebec still be part of Canada?

If city council started using public-private partnerships to build community centres in lower-income neighbourhoods, how would the local media react? And how long would it take the current mayor and council to approve at least three per district?

Seven months later, do you -- or does anybody you know -- have a clear definition of what "Spirited Energy" is?

If the Winnipeg Blue Bombers had won a Grey Cup in the last fifteen years, would Winnipeg already have a new stadium by now?

Does Jennifer Jones suddenly firing former lead Dana Allerton from her team make her seem better suited or worse suited for a career in politics?

If a gang-affiliated drug dealer were to kill a repeat car thief, who would get more support in Winnipeg's letters to the editors? (Was your answer automatically "the whiter-looking guy"?)

Questions to ponder!

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