Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not Progress

You know, I hear it's flu season! I can't verify that, though; I've had the flu, and as such I have not been outside lately to check.

I've pretty much been completely bedridden since about last Monday or Tuesday; any time not spent out cold has been spent shivering, roasting alive, coughing up otherworldly throat-blockage monsters, and occasionally hearing my little brother enjoy Super Smash Bros. Brawl from a couple doors down the hall. It's been grand.

As late I'm better than I was the last few days, but I'm still nowhere near a hundred percent; my entire world boils down to an alternating pattern of phlegm and orange juice and wanting to die. So hopefully I'll be up and about within the next couple of days.


Michael said...

I just came off a three week long bout with the flu, a sore throat, ear infection, sinus blockage bonanza. I got antibiotics. They were delicious.

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James Howard said...

I like to pretend the unsolicited spammers are my friends.

Hey there, spammer guy! How's tricks? The ol' ball-and-chain still giving you trouble? Man, I hear that. It's good to hear from you again! Tell the kids I said hi.