Thursday, March 06, 2008

You Hate the Way I Had to Write This Down

Grab yourself a cup of Uptown!

As you can see, I am somewhat less than enthused by the service I've received from the Royal Bank; I imagine I'll have to look into other alternatives shortly. And if all goes according to plan, I should also be scouting student loans soon -- so in a strange sort of way, I'm glad that RBC picked now to reveal themselves as distasteful custodians of dismissive condescension and customer disloyalty.

I am not a dude with a lot of cash flying around; in fact I am a dude currently in search of cash, because you can't eat a Double Honours degree. (Or rather, you aren't supposed to eat a Double Honours degree. I'm pretty sure I could cook and consume it with little effort.) So the hell if I'm going to pony up an extra Mackenzie King a year exclusively for the privilege of maintaining an avenue to pay my bills through.

Rasserfrackin' mumble mumble why I oughtta.

Medium Medium - Hungry, So Angry (The Glitterhouse, 1981)
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Anyway! Check in tomorrow, readers; as late I've been going through my catalogue of images from my old(er) camera and finding a whole bunch of neat local shots that I meant to post but never actually did. I hope you like disjointed onslaughts of contextless pictures!


Michael said...

I love Uptown Magazine.

Apparently they used to have a fantastic horoscope section. I heard about it even before I moved here.

Donn said...

Way to go!
Great piece. I was unaware that we were allowed to complain about the Banks? Gee I can't wait until they eliminate hard currency.

Whateverpeg is so small..Kevin Bacon has nothing on us...
we're at about 2 degrees of separation at best. I have been watching my daughters perform at Contemps for years and I know the originators of Uptown...
but I'm sure that You and Michael do too. It's Whateverpeg.

Great to see you in PRINT.
The RW...WooHOO!