Monday, December 21, 2009

Winnipeg: Like Silent Hill, But More Dangerous

Every so often the universe throws you a curveball, with some new idea or concept that you had previously never imagined possible, and the unique horror of this startlingly unpleasant new revelation casts everything you know into doubt and begins to gnaw away at your very sanity.

Freezing fog?

Freezing fog?

That's not--this isn't--

I am consistently amazed by the unique and creative ways that this city can kill people. That isn't a weather condition, that's a horror movie.

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Fat Arse said...

"Freezing Fog"?
No worries, I believe the weather station dude (dudette?) who put this up is confused. They simply forgot that a weather report is no place to for political opinions.

Believe the 'freezing fog' descriptor was in originally meant to serve as an op-ed headline above a picture of our Parliament Buildings and Stevo-Harpo's ethereal image of future Xmas's under Scrooge!