Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Winnipeg Cat, By Popular Demand

Well! My regular traffic multiplied literally tenfold in the last couple of days, which was a little bizarre to watch. You could imagine my surprise to discover that people really, really liked the debut of Winnipeg Cat from a couple of weeks ago; it had debuted to almost complete silence at the time, of course, because nobody actually reads this blog under normal circumstances.

But then the fine Absurd Intellectual blog linked to it, which meant that it permeated the vast and terrifying world of social networking sites -- and suddenly I was getting visitors at an insane pace from everywhere, including a couple of networking sites that I'd never even heard of before.

(And a shout-out to all you fine LiveJournal folks out there, by the way. There are a lot more of you than I would have initially guessed.)

Now, this is all quite remarkable and very rewarding, if a bit of a surprise -- but the traffic for my regular, actual writing is so hilariously pitiful by comparison that it seems kind of unreasonable to keep the two concepts in the same place. So I said the heck with it, put in the extra effort yesterday, and set up the inevitable Winnipeg Cat spinoff blog.

Yeah! Get hype!

This will be my first big flirtation with creating legitimate daily content, so we'll see how long I last before I get super lazy and try to coast on my fame like Kevin Nash. In the meantime -- a new Winnipeg Cat bright and early every morning! And I'll occasionally post some quality user content from the Winnipeg Cat Meme Generator, which I swear to God somebody else actually set up on their own time. I know, right? That's crazy! But I'm the stubborn kind of guy who insists on conducting his shenanigans entirely by hand, so I would only have ever set it up myself if I wanted to really force this meme -- and do I seem like the kind of person who would fake my own grassroots support just to feed my vanity? (Don't... don't answer that.)

So tune in to Winnipeg Cat every day, or every weekday, I haven't thought this plan through that far yet -- tune in occasionally, for locally-themed fun that'll probably jump the shark within the week! And the three or four of you who think that I also write halfway decently can continue to visit this address, where I'll continue to hone my gimmick of being an unknown, unappreciated starving writer. It's important to keep your indie cred and your sellout gig separate!

But, enough talk; on with the main attraction.

Winnipeg Cat! The underground sensation that's sweeping the nation; Canada's only, and therefore best, civic meme!

Winnipeg Cat! Sound advices at affordable prices!

In conclusion, it's been a big couple of days. I haven't decided what I'm going to do for an encore, exactly, but I'll try and get something posted here within the next few days regardless. See you then, true believers!


Grant Hamilton said...

Love. It.

Seriously, this screams out for a line of postcards.

Colin said...

I plan on stealing at least a few of these for a T-shirt this week. Makes a great stocking stuffer!...for me.

H said...

love love love. May I request a Kanye imaletyoufinish crossover?

James Howard said...

Well, okay, since you asked nicely.

Anonymous said...

Bucking Frilliant! You gotta put out a line of shirts, postcards and the lot to restore the balance while we're buried beneath oozing waves of "SpeakUp Winnipeg" and "Manitoba Homecoming 2010" cheez-whizz.

nice woik!

Colin said...

Now that this thing has some wheels, can we expect a post about the cat that started it all?
Not quite the E! True Hollywood story treatment...after all, there won't really be a market for another 18 - 24 months for tales of her inspiring road back from a harrowing catnip addiction.
Something, tho...

Raincoast Girl said...

Looooooove the cat!