Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good News, Everyone!

I don't write altogether often about myself, at least not for any extended length of time; it's not a topic that people are terribly interested in reading about, and I can say that with a certain confidence, as I still have the comically low site statistics from back when I wrote more frequently on said topic. (Oh, geez, I started the site in 2006? Oh my god I'm old. Oh, man. Oh, geez.)

So, to avoid burning us both out, I'll keep tonight's post nice and brief. Two things! Two quick bits of personal good news, and then I'll get back to my more interesting regular routines.

Firstly, today is my birthday; I am twenty-eight years old, which I know is objectively still reasonably young, but honestly I'm not fully convinced that I won't just crumble into mummy dust any second now. On the other hand, my time spent being twenty-seven was almost unilaterally terrible for a wide variety of reasons, and early indications are that my time at twenty-eight should be far better. So, hey! Progress.

Secondly, and speaking of said progress:


I started my new position at the beginning of the month, and I'd kept waiting for the right time to mention it here, but almost immediately afterwards my eighty-three-year-old Grandmother had a spell of supremely poor health -- while the rest of my family was out of the country, at that -- and, needless to say, that really put a damper on the whole "HEY GUYS HEY GUYS" excitement I had going on there. But she's much better now, thankfully, and subsequently I've returned to being massively stoked about my present state of affairs. So here I am!

Mine was a swift and infinitely satisfying transition from twenty-seven-year-old Masters-educated part-time beer store clerk to twenty-eight-year-old sharp-dressed legitimate professional, and being back in the capital-L Librarianship game has reinvigorated me in every conceivable, describable way. To crib from a Stephin Merritt song, I'm happy, which is not like me at all; I'm energized and excited again, in ways that I'd honestly worried I'd lost, and if you've been anywhere physically near me in the last few weeks you've doubtlessly detected my constant undercurrent of barely contained glee. The Librarian is back!

The change in my personal sense of self, obviously, has been dramatic; instead of being a columnist and blogger and campus radio panelist and podcast cohost and web editor and play-by-play commentator who happened to work weekend nights at a beer store, I'm now and once again the Academic Librarian who... moonlights as a columnist and blogger and radio panelist and podcast cohost and web editor and play-by-play commentator. It's a subtle change, but an important one, and I seriously cannot overstate how thrilled I am about it.

But, hey, enough about me! Thank you all for humouring my brief relapse into personal writing; rest assured that I'll be back to my usual writing patterns soon enough.


One Man Committee said...

Congratulations on the new gig!

Riverman said...

What? Give up a beer store gig???

Since I started reading your blog I've been keeping an eye open for positions in the RRC library. Guess I don't have to do that anymore.

Steve Boyko said...


Jacinta said...

Happy for you!

mrchristian said...

Hey, great stuff ! Congrats. How did you leave the beer store job ? I hope with some sort of drama like tipping over a 10 foot tall stack of empties ?!

brent bellamy said...

hang on....we still have libraries?

just kidding....congratulations!

i always say that 28 is the pinnacle....after that you have to stretch before doing sports and responsibilities seem to grow daily.....enjoy your year...its down hill from here....364 days and counting....

Fat Arse said...

James, Just catching up on my reading and saw this post. Good on ya for landing the new position. Hearty congrats.

Anonymous said...

...and Winnipeg Cat is delayed AGAIN because of your stupid job! Priorities, man!