Saturday, November 04, 2006

Daniel McIntyre, Look at My Iron Fist

Okay, so. My original intent when reading the November 1st, 2006 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press was to note the deliciously fitting follow-up to that one story I'd mentioned previously. Get this:

Man, I tell you. Isn't that one just perfection? Talk about the quintessential Winnipeg news item!

But that article would soon became the farthest thing from my mind, because directly under the newest charming Winnipeg anecdote was a piece about city councillors switching their offices around following the election, and


That's city councillor Harvey Smith?

Er. Sorry. You'll pardon my initial surprise, of course.

I didn't react as such because he's ugly, or anything; in fact, he's looking quite well for a man old enough that he was once a member of the Social Credit (!) party. But this man does not look like he should be a City Councillor; this is a man who, clearly, should be sitting somewhere in Birds Hill and teaching his many disciples from far and wide how to kill a man with a single punch.

See, I play a lot of video games, as anybody passingly familiar with me can attest to. So believe me when I say that, when I first saw that picture of Harvey Smith, I instead saw the legendary Xingyi Liuhe Quan martial arts master Gen-Fu from the Dead or Alive fighting game series.

Compare those last two pictures again. Go on, look at 'em. In fact:

I know you're skeptical, but believe it or not, this actually is the sort of thing I end up thinking about when I read the newspaper.

Anyway! This is, of course, all complete coincidence that a mild-mannered left-wing city councillor should sort of resemble a violent bone-crunching video game character. But just in case it isn't complete coincidence and Councillor Harvey Smith could fire my lungs straight out of my body with one good kick -- here's some fine local music for everybody to enjoy! To show my appreciation for the fine work he does for our city every day! Ha ha! Please allow me to live!

Moses Mayes & the Funk Family Orchestra - My Style [buy]

This is some nice oldschool Moses Mayes, right here; normally I would save it for accompanying a writeup about the band (and I love the band enough that there will be a fine writeup later on), but in this case the Silver Tiger of Wolseley warrants special consideration. Here's to you, Harvey!

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