Friday, February 09, 2007

Behold the Birth of a Hero, Part II

My mother had been out and about in Texas on a business trip for about a couple weeks; she returned home on Tuesday night.

She'd brought me back a souvenir from the trip, and I picked it up from her house last night -- a lucha libre mask, more specifically a mask modelled on that of the famed Mexican wrestler Ultimo Guerrero.

My mother loves me.

Between this and the Working Class Hero shirt, I'm well on my way to assembling a perfect crimefighting outfit! Mind you, I suppose I'm also going to need some superpowers or some really good guns -- but when I get 'em, oh man, crime had better watch the hell out!


k2 said...

I've got a blue Hayabusa mask. I say we team up and show Winnepeg that crime is nothing compared to the power of PASTY WHITE LUCHA.

Thomas Wilde said...

I figure you guys should probably do something completely unrelated and just trust in the ability of luchador masks to make anything funnier than it would ordinarily be.

Luchadors... at Subway.

Sheena said...

Oh, then you'll love these guys: