Thursday, February 01, 2007

Return of the Rhetoricals and Hypotheticals

Does anybody actually like Winnipeg Square enough to justify keeping Portage and Main closed to pedestrians?

If Winnipeg's music scene is as robust, as varied and as exciting as people claim it to be, then why do only four or five of our nineteen FM stations ever play local artists in any real capacity beyond "they were mainstream ten or more years ago"?

In retrospect, five months later -- just what, exactly, ended up being new about 'the All-New' Q-94 FM?

Can we please, please, please start a fundraising drive to buy Kick FM a transmitter that reaches past downtown?

Of all the prospective television programming that could be offered in high-definition picture and sound, of all the potentially enhanced content that could be used to captivate prospective buyers and retailers alike with the previously unrealized exhiliration of the medium -- why poker?

Considering the nation's current political climate and the timing of the recent announcement that the Bank of Montreal is slashing over a thousand jobs, should we be worried that Jack Layton may have somehow developed psychic powers?

Does CTV honestly think that Winnipeggers don't know how to wear warm clothes and plug in their cars, or is local news just that slow lately?

If Daniel Anderson from Jubilee Avenue had been Danny Qaujisaut from Sargent Avenue, would anybody have even blinked when his case hit the papers?

If next year Regina were to become the Slurpee Capital of the World, what if anything would Winnipeg have left?

Questions to consider!

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