Monday, May 07, 2007

I Got My MPI Rebate Cheque

How nice of them to give me my own money back. I'm touched, really, I am.

They gave back 10% of my yearly payments, which just served to irritate me once I realized that the remaining 90% is still a prohibitively large sum.

I have merits sitting and doing nothing on my driver's licence, I've never had to report an accident, and I drive a 1988 Volvo -- a make of car so unimaginably sturdy and reliable that I can only die in it if somebody gets inside the car and shoots me. Hell, I'm one of the few Winnipeg drivers out there that actually employs turn signals.

And yet, I am a male between the ages of 18 and 25 -- so, for what I paid this past year in car insurance, I could almost have put myself through another half a year of university.

But, hey, it's not like this is discrimination! I mean, just because a government organization is specifically treating me as less competent and imposing harsher financial regulations on me based automatically on my... age... and... gender...

Huh. Well, it's not discrimination! Not when it happens to men!

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