Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Think I Need a New Hobby

Today I threw a van's worth of stuff together, loaded it up and drove it across to my next place of residence. So I've already started the moving process and I'm already getting into the moving mindset, and with this moving mindset comes the impulse to turn things upside down and make sure you have everything.

Also: when I'm not steadily employed (and suddenly I'm not, as I mentioned last post), I tend to gravitate towards nocturnal patterns. I get myself good and turned around, stay up all night and then sleep through anything of importance when the sun is actually out.

So, since I'm going to be moving everything eventually, and since I'm going to be up all night tonight anyway, I decided that -- hey, why not? -- this will finally be the night I set up a spreadsheet on my computer to find out once and for all how many CDs I actually own.

Granted, I'm under the impression that I own quite a few, so this could be a bit of an undertaking. Also granted, I actually had a few different collections scattered about the house. But I dutifully compiled every music CD I own into one place, threw it onto my bed for now, and--

--oh. Huh.

Am I sure there are no computer CDs in there, nothing burnt, noth--no? No. Those are all actual legal music CDs. In fact, this picture is only my CDs -- I have significant collections of cassettes and records that I'm not piling in.

My. Well.

Then I guess I do own a lot of CDs. In retrospect, I shouldn't act like I'm surprised when I try to photograph the pile and the pile actually reflects the flash up along the wall and right to the ceiling.

Nor should I act surprised that the pile is actually seven or eight CDs deep at its thickest, and that's even after spreading it across an entire double bed.

Nothing out of the ordinary!

And I definitely shouldn't act surprised that my cat is thoroughly unimpressed with the whole affair because the CDs have the gall to cover right where he would normally nap.

It can be said, at the very least, that I don't halfass it when I decide something needs to be done. It's a good thing I have nothing pressing to attend to tonight, or tomorrow... or...

Why did I put all of these on my bed?

Lest you assume the whole thing will leave you out in the cold, reading public, fear not; since I'm going through every CD I own anyway, I'll see fit to grab a track here and there to throw up onto this fine site.

And don't feel bad about downloading whatever songs I put up; considering the pictures above, you should never let anybody tell you that music sharing stops people from purchasing CDs. If it did, my bed would currently hold ten CDs and a sleeping cat. Which would be a lot easier to move from one house to another, now that I think about it -- but alas. I am what I am.


tyler said...

Sorry to go off topic but since you and Duong are no longer under the same roof, I figured this would be the best place to hand over this bit of info:

Have you been keeping up with the Tekken 6 storyline? If not, when Namco first announced their attempt to give Law more badass animations, I figured this would mean he would also be given a "return to glory" storyline where he's actually an accurate Bruce Lee character and not a desperate bum.

Turns out he's a bigger bum than ever. He got caught working illegally in Japan (the dishwasher job no less) and was deported back to America. Of course, now he's back home but is still left without the money to pay for his son's medical bills. So apparantly he's now forming a tag team of LOSERS with Paul to win the cash prize in the 6th tournament.

It gets better. After Steve Fox blew up the test tube baby lab he was born in, he was left with nothing to do and adopted the Terry Bogard lifestyle (whatever happened to.....you know....Boxing?!). But all hope was not lost, for Paul and Law discovered him and apparantly they have all formed a trio of LOSERS!

I'm so looking forward to this game.

tyler said...

Update. He adopted the Terry Bogard lifestyle because the war cancelled all his boxing meets.

But still, Trio of LOSERS!!

James Howard said...

I've seen that, yeah. And I approve wholeheartedly.

When faced with adversity you have no hope of overcoming, the answer is to round up a couple of fellow no-hopers and take down that adversity King of Fighters style.

In fact, with two blonde white guys -- one a brawler, one a technique guy -- and a token Asian guy who uses his token Asian martial art, the three of them are now one bizarre adoption mishap away from actually being the Fatal Fury team.