Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm Just a Boy With a New Haircut

I rarely ever photograph very well at all but I am happy with this picture nonetheless!

Casey Dienel - Cut Your Hair (Limited Edition Track) (Daytrotter Sessions, 2006)
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Sorry, what? What's that? You... oh. You want actual content. I'll, uh... yeah. Sorry. I'll see what I can get for you.

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Tatsujin said...

friggin actual content:

This is basically the biggest release on OCR ever, and you're probably sleeping through the email (if you even have an account and call yourself and OCRer!

4. If you run a website or blog yourself, no matter how small, post about the album release with a link to the album site (

also you look like a girl and we are going to tease you endlessly?