Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nice Night, Lovely Weather, Wait What

You know, the title of my last post really wasn't intended to be foreshadowing. 'Something in the air', indeed.

No, when I laid that last message down, I distinctly remember being able to see farther than half a block away.

And yet:

Now where did that come from? Really, now. If you guys are going to throw me into Silent Hill, you can at least give me a warning siren first.

Strangest thing -- it looks like fog, and it behaves like fog, but I could swear this smells more like... like...

Oh. Huh. Okay.

Winnipeg, you know I love you, but you're kind of bizarre sometimes.

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tyler said...

Am I the only person that loves fog? Seriously, for some reason, I find it very relaxing and just plain, cool.

Plus, since fog is the result of a cold front and a warm front hitting each other at the same time, that usually means the temperature is just right. Perhaps that (along with the fact that it's a lot less quieter when there's fog around) is what helps lead me to find fog relaxing.

Keith said...

It wasn't just fog. It was fog mixed with SMOKE!!

You know, for that hickory flavour.

James Howard said...

I'm a big fan of fog myself, despite (or perhaps because of) the city's striking similarities to Silent Hill when fogged over -- but when the entire city is instead enveloped by a sickly-smelling smoke, apparently brought on by every farmer lighting his or her fields at the exact same time (isn't the beginning of September a little early for this?), and when that smoke lasts for over half a day, something has gone masterfully awry.

Still, though. I must say like that little icon Weather Canada uses. No confusion about that symbol!

FreedomBlog said...

I wish they would just ban stubble burning already.