Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Can't Keep Me Away From This

There have been, I'm told, shenanigans and goings-on regarding the ongoing refurbishment of the hardwood floors. Miscommunications about the types of sander and stain (what) and complications arising from sanding against the grain (whaaaaaaaat) mean that the original idea of returning home on Wednesday night lies broken and exposed as the lie it was.

Right now we're cooped up in my grandmother's apartment while she's away, which is the third different place I've stayed in over the past three nights. And I was initially told about the extent of these renovations twenty minutes before we had to clear out of the house, so I had time only to throw some (at the time unwashed) work clothes into a small bag; as it stands I'm doing laundry every second day and figuring that maybe nobody will notice I'm wearing the same black shirt to work three times in a five day work week.

And there still has never been any sign of my missing cat. You cannot imagine the ceaseless torrent of fun and satisfaction that my life is right now.

As you can see, however, I am online; there was a laptop left here, and it has dial-up internet on its 56.6k modem (say whaaaaaat holy crow what century am I living in), so here I am.

So! Since I'm cut off from most everything else, might as well take my fun where I can get it. Which brings me to tomorrow afternoon.

The thought occured to me that I should check my records, in case I've any minor milestones coming up, and sure enough -- this coming Thursday will be the first anniversary of Slurpees and Murder. But I don't have anything specifically planned for that day, for what should be obvious reasons. (With the new setbacks, Thursday might be the night I get to sleep in my own bed. If I'm lucky.)

So, as must be done sometimes with commemorative commitments, I'm going to bump the blog's birthday a couple of days ahead and celebrate the occasion tomorrow. With what, you wonder aloud? Why, what else -- with the Speech from the Throne, of course!

You may have forgotten over the past few months that I'm deeply entertained by federal politics; I haven't done much of anything about federal politics lately, but then again nobody actually in federal politics has done much of anything either. And tomorrow, through some crazy star alignments or plot contrivances, will be the first time that I have a computer near a television when something will be happening that I can probably draw some glee from laughing at talking about.

I've never tried liveblogging anything before, which is precisely why I want to try it -- and what better test subject than something nobody else is going to be watching anyway? The possibility exists that something important might emerge from this speech, but it probably won't; either way, I figure I'll get at least some low-level jollies out of it. And if it gets really slow, I guess I'll just start firing off bald jokes about Peter Mansbridge. Like I said, I take my fun where I can get it!

The Speech from the Throne is set for tomorrow evening at 5:30; join me, won't you?

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