Sunday, October 21, 2007

Return and Begin Again

Lucky me, I've finally been able to return home. I still can't walk on any of the hardwood floors, so I'm sequestered to the second floor -- but I get to sleep in my own bed, and I get to use my own computer, so for now it's a start.

Speaking of starts -- I have a lot of writing to start catching up on, and for a variety of things. That and I need to find MP3 hosting again, since the last one has removed its strikingly unsteady free service and attempted to charge me for its strikingly unsteady paid service.

Well, always something, I guess. Time to hunker down!


Tatsujin said...
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Tatsujin said...

Good luck with the music. How about trying "Rapidshare: It's Not Just for Porn!"

...also it seems you can't just edit comments. that is silly.

James Howard said...

If you aren't coughing up the dough for it, Rapidshare is a pretty rancid idea for multiple files.

"Oh, boy, I just downloaded the first five megabyte song file! Now I only have to wait two hours until I can download the next one!"

Pthhhbthttttt. Pass on that, I think.