Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Those are Bad Signs

My my, but the weather as late has been phenomenal, hasn't it? They're predicting highs of eighteen degrees tomorrow! Plus eighteen! In October -- in Winnipeg! Bizarre, but more than welcome.

I took my lunch break this afternoon to just walk around downtown a bit and enjoy myself; it hit plus twelve, which again is still pretty bizarre for a Winnipeg October, and really just had to smile at how idyllic it all seemed.

Never mind that people are being stabbed in the neck downtown in broad daylight, or that our bars and nightclubs are being shot up on a seemingly nightly basis; never mind that the same people who screwed up with our red light cameras last time were awarded the contract to screw up our red light cameras again, or that we're number one in underage homicide; never mind that our Mayor and his baseball team have been suddenly plagued by mysterious phantom financial problems once people started asking where the Crocus money went, or that our Premier is more concerned with making Kyoto promises to impress dignitaries than he is with cleaning up Lake Winnipeg to improve things for us Manitobans.

Never mind all that! That is what I thought to myself, also trying to never mind that I had to be back at work within minutes. Just walk around, enjoy the warm sunshine and the surprisingly pleasant wind, dream idly that this moment could last forever, and take in a bit of... the...


Oh. Oh hell no. You have to be kidding me.

(Moment lasting forever, pthhbtth. So much for that.)

No! Bad angel! Get down from there!

It is not the Christmas season yet. Absolutely not, I refuse to allow this. We're still a week away from Halloween! You put down that damn horn and get down from there right this instant.

They're putting up Christmas decorations before it even snows, why I oughtta. Who do they think are even looking at them? Not to be too alarmist, but have a look at that last picture again; isn't it a little weird that I was walking around downtown in the early afternoon and nobody else was on the streets? I didn't crop this photo at all, no framing tricks, no sleights of hand -- I pointed, clicked, and hours later went "wait a minute holy crap I was alone out there".

What's up with our downtown? Well... never mind that, either, I guess. Eighteen degrees tomorrow! Whoo!


W4 said...

On October 8, I went into a $1 dollar store in St. Paul, Minnesota. I needed some disposable plastic sheets.

There were aisles of Christmas memorabilia.

They're also in Walgreens stores in St. Petersburg, Florida.

It's official. Christmas is a *virus*.

James Howard said...

It's all fun and games with the C-Virus until a Nemesis in a Santa hat storms through the mall.

(I kind of want to see that, now that I've thought it up. But anyway.)

Damn, Scott, haven't seen you in a while! How've you been?

W4 said...