Monday, October 22, 2007

This is How People Find Me, Part III

These never get old for me. Not ever.

As before, yes, these are complete and unedited search engine strings; they are real, and they are true, and sometimes they are almost fatally amusing to me.

Little had I previously realized that my target audiences are looking for:

-- kern hill furniture kern hill
-- bus bench realty signs royal lepage
-- ron pollock
-- ugly building winnipeg
-- the worst professional wrestlers
-- rob fai on the canucks
-- arthur a leach school blog
-- balmoral hall school past pupils 1999
-- what does 360 mean gang affiliated
-- janet stewart and fan site
-- delissio pizza spokespersons
-- louie the lightning bug history
-- songs about slurpees
-- milt stegall song
-- moses mayes wikipedia
-- pig upside down in winnipeg
-- murder markers
-- sam katz sucks

Bless your hearts, misdirected seekers of knowledge! May you one day find what you're actually looking for.

More to follow, hopefully! I'm striking into burgeoning writing projects for at least (!) two (!!) other places of note, and I'll let you know if they work out, but rest assured I never stray too far from my designated home base. I mean, I keep my beer here!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Amazing Telephone! This is ol' Shakey here! How ya been!

James Howard said...

Well, I'll be! Haven't seen you in a while. How're you doing?

And, unless it turns out I'm breaking out huge in the Netherlands, how did you even find me way out here on a blog completely unrelated to long-forgotten GameFAQs tomfoolery?

HungryWolf said...

I've always wanted to know about gang affiliated 360s and the many meanings which lie within their hallowed halls. What is their purpose? Why do they exist? Are they truly plotting our destruction like so many dogs rotating on a pin? Alas, this site does not answer my queries, and therefore I must give it a Flattener/Phoenix. Good day sir.

James Howard said...

Yeah, huh. I have no idea who you are or what you're talking about.

Thanks for stopping in, though!

Anonymous said...

Well, I still go there, though my appearances have taken on the vibe of mystic legends. They say I'm harder to spot than a Legendary Shiny Pokemon, which may or may not be true, as I refuse to put anything but Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney into my DS lest the poor thing folds up and dies due to adjusting to vast difference in awesomeness.

Hello there run-on sentence.

Anyway, Horatio came back after an absence, and people who hadn't met him but had heard OF HIM were pleasantly surprised. Soon a couple of us went 'well, we used to have a guy 'round here called AT. Gather round, young whippersnappers, and listen...' and before I knew it I had linked them to the Church of Kim Khapwan. Before I knew it legions of them were reading 'Reforming Evil is Never Easy.'

Before I knew it one of them found your blog.

Scary thing, the internets. But nice to check in with you and see what you're up to. I'm having a blast reading your blog, especially the altercation you had with the premature angel.

Tatsujin said...

just to get on the comment bandwagon, and bring up a long-since-mentioned game,