Monday, April 21, 2008

There's a New Meanies Concert on Friday

For serious, you guys! I can't imagine a scenario where I'm not going to this show; I'm a longtime devotee of the group, and at ten bucks or twelve at the door it's a steal of a deal at twice the price. (I love that line.)

They don't play very often any more, so it's good to get out and see them when you can -- and hey, it's Friday night! Live a little! If you find yourself with nothing to do this Friday and you think you can scrounge up a dozen dollars, rest assured that this expenditure will be well worth your investment.

I keep meaning to make a giant all-encompassing New Meanies post, one of these days, but somehow I always end up getting distracted by something and letting it fall by the wayside. And I'm not a guy who distracts easily, so I don't know what ooh hey is that a dime on the floor

3 comments: said...

I love those guys.........I think I will be there ! Damn major label really screwed them over though. They should have stayed indie.

Robin H. said...

I definately can't wait for the show. :D

cherenkov said...

Love the Meanies too. Last saw them at that pub on west Portage Ave.. If I wasn't going to the Moose game I would probably be there.