Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Detroit Red Wings are the 2008 Stanley Cup Champions

Boy, are they ever. It came down to the craziest of crazy possible ways to close out a game, and the game-winning goal was Marc-Andre Fleury firing the puck backwards into the net with his ass like a Mario Party ground-pound, but the Detroit Red Wings are quite definitively the best team in the National Hockey League.

Every so often a team will win the Stanley Cup and people will go "yeah, well, but" because the winner didn't have to play X team, or because X player on the other team was injured, or what have you -- but this year the Champions are definitely the best of the best, and it would take a few leaps of logic to argue otherwise. The Playoffs this year were actually pretty underwhelming, all told, but they were also pretty straightforward; nobody in the East so much as took Pittburgh to seven games, and none of Detroit's opponents -- Pittsburgh included -- made it past Game Six with them. They made Pittburgh look like amateurs for the bulk of the series, and good on them for showing us all that it's possible to play exceptional defensive hockey without making the game profoundly boring.

Congratulations to the Champs! Another NHL season done! No doubt my productivity is bound to shoot upwards again, now that hockey's off the air for a few months. I'll have plenty of time to just kick back, think about things, maybe get going on -- holy crap, UEFA Euro 2008 starts Saturday? uh brb

[Edit, One Hour Later:]

pffffft ha ha ha ha

Way to build the suspense, Winnipeg Sun. Not to be mean, or to belabour the point, but you guys could stand to edit your website a bit more thoroughly. All I'm sayin'!


Anonymous said...

See, one championship out of four major sports isn't that bad. (Now, if the Tigers could figure out what they're doing against non-sucking pitchers, and if someone would hit members of the Ford family *repeatedly* until Matt Millen no longer had a job, we'd be a lot better off. Dumars has the Pistons covered, I feel.)

By the way, any packages arrive recently? ^_^

James Howard said...

Er -- not yet, actually! I've been keeping a close eye on my mailbox, but I guess these sorts of things require patience sometimes.

Especially what with those pesky dogs and all! No doubt a local dachschund holds my incoming mail hostage as we speak, wagging its tail gleefully as it drags another new mailbag away from the corpse of its former carrier.