Monday, July 28, 2008

Abominable, You Say

You know, I may poke fun at it an awful lot, but right now I think it's time that we stopped and stepped back for a moment to properly appreciate the Winnipeg Sun.

I know it catches more than its fair share of flak -- and I'm as guilty of this as anybody else! -- but nobody ever stops to think about how much hard work it must take to put the Sun together each day. Hidden deep somewhere within its slick and slimy corporate shell are decent men and women who genuinely do try their hardest to put out a quality product each day, fine people like you or I who have the best of intentions and a ceaseless determination to make a living for themselves in the field they love.

And who's to say that these well-meaning writers and reporters and researchers aren't occasionally handcuffed or handicapped by the stylistic specifications of the overarching Quebecor Sun Media corporation? Sure, I may feel at times that the tone of the paper is intellectually condescending and purposefully pandering to the lowest common denominator -- but that's just my own personal reaction, and I'm precariously overeducated! Jesus, I read plays for fun! My attitude towards the paper should not be considered reflective of the general community, who have supported the Sun for almost... ten years now and who take great delight in its themed daily features. Some people even depend exclusively on the Sun for their news and information! Think about that one for a while!

The Winnipeg Sun is a fine choice for sports coverage, its reverberating connection with the common man cannot be understated, and hey -- some of those Sunshine Girls sure are pretty! The Sun may not be some bigshot brainy paper with downtown forts to protect or pages that you have to figure out how to unfold first, but it has a whole lot of spunk and gumption to see it through the day and make itself known as a local force in its own right. The Winnipeg Sun is an important paper with a lot of important things to say, and we should all put aside our cynical preconceptions and respect it as such.

Now, then! It's good to have that established. So let's take a look at the ol' Sun today and see what important local or world news story garners the prestigious leading headline for th--

Are you fucking kidding me.

A Bigfoot sighting. Oh, Jesus. They're serious, aren't they? Our second most prominent, second most trusted daily newspaper runs giant front-page headlines about rural folk who claim to have seen a sasquatch.

I... I can't even parse this. Holy shit. Front-page news! This is the world that the Winnipeg Sun lives in.






Hey, guys, I think I drove past the Bat Boy last time I was heading to Brandon. Could you go check up on that, too, while you're at it?

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Nigel said...

Did you happen to notice the Sun's online poll question yesterday?

"Do you believe Sasquatches exist?"

And the results...
-YES 53%
-NO 47%


Great blog, by the way. Your writing is very, very funny. Excellent work. Cheers!