Thursday, July 24, 2008

Holy Crap the Bombers Won a Football Game (or, Kevin Glenn Might Not Get to Play Anymore)

That game was awesome! Did you see that game just now? Drama central! Yes! It wasn't a well-played game on either side, per se, but it was definitely an entertaining one.

Ryan Dinwiddie finally made good and threw for (wait for it) four hundred and fifty yards, including a crazy thirty-second touchdown drive in the last minute that covered seventy-five yards in three plays. That, plus Henry Burris remembering he's Henry Burris and coughing up a turnover in the fourth quarter, was the big story of the game tonight; the Bombers were still kind of a bad team, but at least their passing game is finally working.

There wasn't much else good to take from tonight; Charles Roberts still hasn't contributed much of anything all year (and it was only a well-timed challenge that saved him from a critical fumble here), Alexis Serna singlehandedly blew about a touchdown's worth (!) of points tonight, and the (well-rested) Bomber defence imploded at the very last minute and lost a lead that the team had held for the entire game to that point. But the pass core, still without a Stegall to speak of, came together after all of that and did just well enough to overcome the previously-unbeaten top team in the league. Any given Thursday, I guess.

(Credit where credit is due to the Stampeders, of course -- their defence was also pretty bad tonight, but damn if that Nik Lewis touchdown catch wasn't the craziest thing the league has seen all year.)

So the Winnipeg Blue Bombers improve to... one and four! Yeah! It's still obscenely bad, but it's progress. And let's face it, it's an eight-team league, so all they have to do now is pass the Tiger-Cats (as sad as that is to write) and they'll technically be back in playoff contention.



jonathan said...

Sure, they're only 3 games from .500, but the Bombers are also tied for second in the East.

James Howard said...

I think Toronto and Montreal both have two wins so far -- but they're tied for third, at least! Albeit a game down, and still way behind in point differential, so tied at last might be a better way of phrasing it.

Still, though. They won a game! Whoooo! I dare say it was their most impressive victory so far this season!