Saturday, July 05, 2008

We Can't Have Nice Things

Okay, no, I'm not aiming to be the guy who posts a picture on his blog every day; Winnipeg already has that position filled, and by somebody far better at it than I'd ever be. (I really wish that some of these pictures were bigger, mind you, since a lot of these would make for awesome desktop wallpaper.) But you'll humour me one more pic-of-the-day, I hope, because I noticed these three banners lining the front of the MTS Centre a day or two ago and I found myself sort of chuckling and shaking my head despite myself.

They probably have to get these things made up months in advance, of course, but still -- that's some strange serendipity to see these put up together. The banner on the right prominently features a major-league hockey team that took off running out of Winnipeg more than a decade ago, and the banner on the left prominently features a goalie that our present-day minor-league farm team doesn't even have any more. Whoops!

Well, at least we still have our football team to cheer for. They're only two wins away from being at five-hundred! That's something, right? It's... it's important to set realistic goals for ourselves?


Bryan Scott said...

I'd make the photos bigger, but corporations like CBC and MTS tend to steal them.

James Howard said...

Surely that... actually, yeah, I don't doubt that for a second. There are enough shifty so-and-sos out there for sheer numbers to dictate that the major corps have more than enough of 'em to go around.

Ruining it for the rest of us, they are! Rasserfrackin' mumble mumble why I oughtta.