Sunday, November 01, 2009

I Went to the Central Canada Comic Con 2009

And, yes, I'd definitely say that I got my twelve bucks' worth.

There were cool cars:

There were cool costumes:

There were Julie Newmar and Adam West, the latter of whom had a lineup across the floor and all the way to the wall (and who, at eighty-one, is still taller than half the people in the room and swankier than everybody on the planet):

There was Batman bustin' out the fretwork:

(He practices hard to be the best at everything.)

There were children who give us hope for the future and assure us, the elders, that the future of the planet is in safe hands:

And there was the wrestling legend and longest running WWF Intercontinental Champion of all time, the Honky Tonk Man, who I just now realized wears his hair nowadays like a library mural woman or Crimson Viper.

So, good times all around. And I'm sure those of you who also went have your own favourite experiences from the event, but for me, my favourite moment was coming face-to-face and getting a picture with a legendary twenty-first-century modern icon.

That's right:

The internet-fabled, world-famous, second-generation WRESTLING SUPERSTAR VIRGIL sign. No, not even the man himself, just the sign. Virgil himself wasn't even around the couple of times I circled around, which made Bushwhacker Luke look around a bit wondering where the guy went. But, just as well; I'm not sure how I would have explained to him that I dropped the price of admission specifically to get my likeness emblazoned beside a true-blue piece of world wide web history for all the wrong reasons.

Central Canada Comic Con 2009: results are in, complete success!

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