Sunday, March 11, 2007

No, Seriously, Why is This Building Still Empty

Malfunctioning electrical outlets? Burst water pipes? Random indoor explosions?

Family of bats? Rodents of Unusual Size? Infestations of zombies and werewolves?

Secret cult headquarters? Brilliantly disguised housing project? Black-market cigarette trading post?

I'm still on about this, you guys! I'm going out of town for a few days, but this'll probably still be on my mind. Downtown Winnipeg is a land of mysteries!


Tyler said...

All I know about that place is constantely hearing how good of a place it is for music, that it's a well established place and everything. Then the one time I actually decide to check it out, it closes. Didn't make any sense to me.

sean incognito said...

It's not just downtown, A&B Sound's building on Pembina also remains empty. (Though at least it's been repainted.)

James Howard said...

It's true! As somebody who lives close to it, I can confirm that the former A&B Sound location on Pembina is A) quite emphatically empty and B) mercifully repainted, so as to less resemble clown vomit.

They were both good stores for finding the less-distributed stuff, back when they were actually stores and not empty warehouses, but... yeah. The stores themselves are less distributed now, I suppose.