Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Raarh Search Search Search

Slurpees and Murder is thrilled to announce its inclusion among the ranks of Manitoba Blogs!

I've been meaning for a while now to do a post about other Winnipeg blogs (post preview: they exist and you should totally read them); I'll probably still end up doing that at some point, if only because a bunch of the ones I read aren't yet listed at the above location. That'll be the same time I get around to revising the links section on the sidebar, because those are the same three links I threw on there the day I started writing here and one of them is technically obsolete.

(Upon examing the Manitoba Blogs site and the blogroll therein, you too may have noticed that the blog titled 'Spirited Energy' is completely blank. I don't know whether the comedy in that is intentional or serendipitous, but man.)

And while I'm busy being thrilled about default accolades that involved no particular effort on my part -- Slurpees and Murder is thrilled to announce its status as the number one search result on Google for the word 'Raarh'!

Yee-ahh! That's right, baby! However briefly it lasts, I am the definitive internet authority on zombie noise!

So pay attention, because I've got the floor for this one:

1. Used to express anger or hunger. Primarily employed after zombification, as it is one of the few sounds a zombie can properly form.
2. Used to express any base emotion or instinct after zombification.

The onomatopoeic characteristic howl of a zombie.

inter.v. raarhing, raarhed, raarhs
To make the characteristic howl of a zombie.

Well, I've made my mark on the English language! Slurpees and Murder: fun and informative!

I was going to post this song on titular merit whether I was writing about Winnipeg or about zombies, so since I'm on both subjects it serves doubly well:

Thunderbirds Are Now! - Eat This City [buy]

This is the music that current-generation Sonic the Hedgehog would hear in his head if he were running at top speed through a metropolis lit ablaze and infested with zombie robots or robot zombies. I am sure of this.

Be sure to tune in for our next exciting installment! I'm not sure what the timetable is on the next update, because Manitoba Hydro is upgrading transformers near our area tomorrow and we won't have power for most of the day. But do drop by eventually anyway! Because I'll have a riveting piece for your reading pleasure, about -- wait for it -- a package of markers I bought!

Yes! Really!

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