Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Workin' Hard, Then Hardly Workin'

So! How have you been?

Over the last work week I had worked twenty-five and a half hours of overtime; you will note that a sixty-five-hour work week averages out to almost ten hours per day, and in fact that's almost exactly how it worked out.

Then I found out on Monday, half an hour before the work day ended, that it was in fact my last day there; I woke up today unemployed, and I may or may not be re-employed elsewhere by tomorrow afternoon.

Such is term work, of course. I suppose I've no complaints there, especially considering the eventual monetary payoff of the hours previously mentioned. But, yes -- you can imagine how getting out of work at 10:00 PM and returning to work at 8:00 AM, with an hour average of travel time each way, leaves little time for getting one's blog jollies going. Blog jollies are filed under leisure time, and most of my leisure time was spent towards passing out.

That Mardi Gras entry thing I've been wanting to write for weeks now? Ah, I'll probably just backdate it and then let people know where to find it. As far as dates and times are concerned, it isn't intellectual dishonesty if you're upfront about when you're lying! (Internet morality is an oxymoron at best.)

So we'll see what happens next as far as my employment is concerned. If I do end up being temped out to the new position (which doesn't sound too hot, so far, but I'll find out more tomorrow), it should likely be a regular schedule; if I end up unemployed after all, then hell, that's plenty of time to write!

And if unemployment means that my goofy summer scheme jumps forward a couple of months, then so be it. Have I told you about my goofy summer scheme, yet? Well, I can tell you about that later. Because tonight, I rest! And tomorrow... I have no idea!

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