Thursday, March 15, 2007

When Obsolescence Attacks

More fool me for glancing down at the bag of popcorn I was putting into the microwave, because I couldn't help but skim over this charming nugget of advice:

Granted, I've never tried this; my modus operandi is the commonly accepted one of standing there next to the microwave for a couple of minutes, listening attentively to the frequency of pops and trying to psychically determine when there are as few kernels left alive unpopped as possible.

But, really, now -- you aren't supposed to use the ubiquitous 'Popcorn' button on the microwave to make popcorn?

Just what the hell is the Popcorn button for? Was it ever capable of preparing popcorn?

If I put this package of microwaveable popcorn into the microwave and hit the Popcorn button, does it explode?

This is my own fault for ever reading anything. Damn you, basic literacy!


Kevin said...

When the popcorn button is used on popcorn, it creates an infinite space-time recursion. Bad things happen. We're talking Roanoke, Three-Mile-Island bad.

Question: are you on AIM or something similar?

James Howard said...

Er, no. I've never been much for instant-messenger programs, although admittedly most of my experiences with them were when I was still on dial-up. (It was like being an internet caveman!)

Are they, er... are they any good?

k2 said...

Well, I wouldn't install AIM itself, as it tends to have plenty o' spyware problems, but Trillian is quite nice on the PC side, and iChat and Adium work admirably on the Mac side. They're handy. I even occasionally see Thomas and Geson online.

I suppose I could always check to see if the OR chatroom is still online, but IRC is sooooo 20th century.