Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If You're Wondering

No, by no means have I lost interest in posting; I've got lots lined up that I mean to address. But, really now, it's thirty or hotter outside each day -- it's summer, baby! It's the season to get out and do stuff, just like I'd be doing if I weren't now working overtime at my job!

Besides -- as it turns out -- thirty or hotter plus humidity is a rough climate to write in when the most powerful fan in my room is the one inside my computer. (And no, I've no handle on this mythical beast people refer to reverently as 'air conditioning'; as far as I'm concerned right now, 'air conditioning' is the physical training I have to do for my body to handle our stagnant indoor climate.)

But I'll be along shortly, I assure you. This post, itself, is already progress; the last time I set out to write here, I instead laid back on my bed for a second and passed out for the next eight hours. It was, of course, a very hot day when I fell asleep -- and then when I woke up it was a very hot night, and I had to go to bed to be ready for work the next day.

Stay strong, true believers! Get out there and enjoy your summer; this is the weather we've been waiting for all year!


Rex said...

My my, not only are you slow to report of major events of grande scale and magnitude, but you also have neglected to review That 1 Guy's selected and excellent discography! I mean, I know you're not being payed for the skills you obviously have which is funny, but the internets demand punctuality!

Also: look into the Bad Dudes EP from OCR. It is pretty much completely excellent, particularly "Koopa vs. Kefka" and "No excuses". I may have sent this to you before, but I still expect you to enjoy it again. Because I do, and must have some sort of authority due to my ability to bang my cock on the keyboard until semi-intelligent words come out (read: internet. Not to be read as an insult against the blogger, (though it probably seems like it), but idiots worldwide).

James Howard said...

In my defence, and as the conclusive piece of evidence that surely will cinch the case in my favour: IT HAS BEEN TERRIBLY HOT