Sunday, July 29, 2007

It Didn't Get Me Anywhere At All

This past Monday, I took my car in to be summerized. (I almost typed 'summarised', there, but I'm not lucky enough for my car to be that simple.)

And summerized it was, prepared for the rigours of seasonal transportation. I also had to buy four used tires to put on it, because my old summer tires were essentially trash by now, and I had to have some muffler and spoiler work done because my car is one of the lowest-slung automobiles you can operate without actually driving a Power Wheels.

All of this set me back a pretty penny, but they assured me that my car was now perfectly capable of taking me anywhere I could want to go this summer.

Early this afternoon I drove out to Winnipeg Beach, had a lovely time, and then returned to find that my car was now completely incapable of starting.

I just got home half an hour ago.

Let me post a song for you.

The Long Blondes - I'm Coping [site | myspace | album info -- man where the hell can you even buy a third edition of an overseas single]

Perhaps you've heard this song before, and if you have then you already know exactly where I'm about to direct you to -- because writing like this is precisely why everybody you know that follows new music collectively refuses to shut up about this band.

Two minutes and twenty-seven seconds in, right as the song switches gears:

Just like Winston Churchill
Forced to deliver the bad news,
Never in the field of human conflict
Have I been so unamused.


If you haven't heard this song before, on the other hand, then I would instead direct you to start at the beginning of the song and go from there. A novel idea, yes -- but humour me.

Be sure to join me next time, when my car will have found a way to devour my wallet right before my eyes and then explode at just the right angle to fire engine shrapnel directly through my brain.


Rex said...

Well, sir, I have a way to capitalize on your terrible mobility and funding issues with something that has absolutely no need of a budget!


I have a camera. I have good editing software. I have a very limited amount of writing ability.

Here's where your car-angst comes in. I mean, hopefully it won't, but it's not like we're going to set an alarm or smoke-bomb trap anything. I've got nothing to do but study for a Final, but not like that's going down until mid-August.
Surely there is some better way to communicate than through comments on your blog. my msn is glycosw(at)hotmail(dot)com. I'm assuming you have that application, yes?

James Howard said...

By damn! Funny you should mention that -- I've been meaning to talk to you about making use of your camera, because for the last couple of weeks I've had a hell of an idea myself about what to do with it.

You'll be hearing from me.