Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Time-Sensitive Information

Man a-live, I keep getting distracted from my initial goal of recapping previous festivals and events. And it doesn't help my cause that I'm now being scheduled overtime hours at a job I would have sworn I was supposed to leave three weeks ago.

But what I have here is time-sensitive information, as the helpful post title may have suggested, and time-sensitive information requires immediate action.

You understand, of course. This is important.

See, fourty dollars in a mall CD store will get you two CDs that you can find anywhere, or maybe three CDs tops if you buy some of the terrible newer albums that are specifically priced lower to inflate their sales figures. And as you might expect from my intense and insatiable music geekery that example, I don't shop in mall CD stores very often. Instead I made a beeline for Into the Music today after work, and fourty dollars at Into the Music bought me two used local artist CDs, one new LP, three used LPs, two 45s and a much coveted cassette. Life is good.

Now, this isn't even close to being my biggest Into the Music-related sale haul; I made it down to their old Osborne Village location in its closing days, and I swear to you I went home with over fifty CDs that day. (Some of them were ultimately priced as low as seventy cents, all of them in perfectly listenable condition -- blah blah dick I like music anyway story for another time.) But come on -- I can't simply pass up oldschool vinyl fun at three-quarters the regular price, and I don't think you should pass it up either.

Twenty years of Into the Music! Twenty... years of... man, I was three when Into the Music first opened. That's weird to think about.

The only music my parents actually got for me when I was three was classical music; back in the day (and to this day, now that I think about it), parents genuinely thought that classical music made children smarter. And I still grew up to be pretty dumb about most things, but I can spell 'Tchaikovsky' right on the first try -- so I guess it wasn't a total wash.

Woo, tangent. Huzzah for the power of music! Go buy some!

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