Sunday, July 08, 2007

More to Follow

I just got back from the Winnipeg Folk Festival, if you were wondering where I've been the last little while. (If you weren't wondering, well, that's cool too.)

Short summary: it was awesome. And so was the Moses Mayes concert last... has it already been a week? Huh.

I'll be posting pictures and comments for everything in the next few posts, but for now I'm going to pass out unceremoniously and drag myself to work tomorrow. It's good to have a plan as well thought out as this one!


Rex said...

The story begins at Bird's Hill park. Rather, it would if I didn't have homework to do, and if Iceman here wasn't still boo-hoo'ing about being paid money to do things. Instead of a story, I have a quote. Just to ensure that it is kept in archive in this wonderful area of the internets, here it is:

"This [the Winnipeg folk festival] has been an excellent time to be a heterosexual male with eyeballs"
I would further like to add on "and working ears". Though it was a music festival, the addition still reduced to the status of mere trivia.

Rex said...

ok, so completely unrelated, but...