Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Grand Analog CD Release Show is Tomorrow

Aww, yee-ahh. I’ve been waiting for this.

Tomorrow night at the Pyramid Cabaret, Grand Analog (who you'll recall I've mentioned before) are releasing their debut CD; $5 gets you in the door, and another $5 on top of that at the door gets you the CD too.

Ten dollars. Ten bucks gets you into what I can already confirm is an awesome live show, and nets you a CD that'll otherwise set you back twelve plus tax if you wait and buy it later. (And at twelve bucks plus tax, it's still going to be worth every penny and more. I am dead certain about this.) If you pass this up, I am going to stare at you disapprovingly for what will seem like days.

When I phoned the Pyramid Cabaret info line (which turned out to be a live person -- you have no idea how much I treasure small venues, and seeing two of them sold in the past week is a bit of a bummer), the info line suggested to me that the doors will open at nine and the openers will start about ten. This is important, and should be remembered as such.

Wild horses are not going to keep me away from this show. In fact, I pity the wild horses that might try to get in my way tomorrow night; you'd be able to track me to the Pyramid Cabaret by the trail of fresh glue left in my wake.

Or something. The metaphor kind of fell apart on me there.

Go to this show! That is what I am getting at! I cannot stress this enough!

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