Sunday, January 27, 2008

Slurpees and Murder Home Video: Numbers One, Two and Three (Homicide Watch 2K8)


The second video arrives; perhaps not as quickly as I would have originally planned, but informative and up to date nonetheless.

(If you're curious: the Greisman article mentioned above.)

As you can probably tell for yourselves, brightness levels are hell to keep consistent when the sun is rising outside your window -- and I did briefly consider trying to toil endlessly with the video settings and various filters to compensate, but ultimately said nuts to that and just rolled with it. I figured, hell, if the production values are up a bit wonky on this one, big deal; as amusing as the idea would be, I doubt somehow that YouTube keeps a dude on staff specifically to wear a monacle and sputter indignantly at anything with diminished video quality. (He'd be long dead of exhaustion by now. It's YouTube.)

Slurpees and Murder Home Video! Yes!

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