Thursday, January 10, 2008

Slurpees and Murder Home Video: An Introduction (Homicide Watch 2K8)

Well, well!

See? I told you I was up to something. Guess who got a webcam!

(I'm a complete video-editing neophyte, so you can imagine how this took me some time to figure out. Granted, a lot of that was time I spent playing video games and walking an increasingly large dog instead of actually learning how to edit videos -- but let's not dwell on the past.)

Slurpees and Murder Home Video is go! As I mention above, my intent is to keep a running tally going on our city's homicide count; I see search tags along the lines of "winnipeg murders 2007" leading here pretty frequently, actually, so never let it be said I don't listen to my audience. Plus this'll keep me active and keep me focused, which is a good idea because otherwise I'd probably slack off and spend three straight months posting about Jolly Ranchers or something.

The grape ones are so much tastier than the other flavours, but the blue watermelon ones are also pr

Now, of course, I'm already a little behind; by the end of January 4th there had already been two people murdered in Winnipeg and another three murdered across the rest of the province. (Quebec City, by comparison, has had zero murders since Halloween 2006. Pesky do-gooders.) But I knew what I was getting myself into, so I'm not complaining.

As I also mention above, this will hardly be the only thing I use the camera for; far from it, hopefully! I'm nothing if not full of ideas, after all, and some ideas call for alternate methods of expression. Like that post about the Pac-Man scratch ticket, for example; that one easily could have been done in video format, though looking back at it I'm still pretty pleased with how well it came out in text.

Slurpees and Murder Home Video! Yes! I have no idea what I'm doing, but damned if I'm not enjoying it!

Incidentally, something kind of funny I'd noticed -- have you ever set up a YouTube account? When you first check your account screen, they have an interesting way of trying to get you integrated into the community:

Damn, man, that's harsh. YouTube, why you gotta be mean like that.

So, anyway, that's what I've been up to; I've still a lot of things to take care of around here, but I should be back again soon enough. I mean, I went almost a whole week without updating! That's madness!


W4 said...

I look forward to seeing more of your (I know that you hate the word, but I can't think of a good alternate) vloggery.

If I win the lottery or a similarly huge cash amount, we're getting you fitted for a nice, red tuxedo. >8D

tyler said...

You've just got yourself your first subscriber.

And my sister has apparently been both amused and informed by your vlog. So I suppose you're doing something for the young people. ^^

One more thing. Congratulations on being the 87th most linked political news story in Canada! That's exactly as much of an honour as it sounds.

McT said...

good job with the audio overlaps. Remember: you can apply transitions to auto, too! Except that cross-fade is the *only* useful one. Ever. Fun stuff.

Gavok said...

Did anyone ever tell you that you have the facial animated expressions of Weird Al? It's there.